Reg. One Pot Coffee Samplers

Each 2 oz. pack of coffee is ground for all purpose machines.
Makes one perfect 8 - 10 cup pot or desired strength

$2.79 each

$75 for 30 assortment (1 of each)

Almond Biscotti 
Amaretto Supreme 
Autumn Harvest 
Banana Nut Fudge 
Barista's Brew 
Blueberry Cobbler 
Bourbon Street Vanilla 
Cinnamon Hazelnut Cookie 
Coffee Cake 
Death by Chocolate 
French Vanilla 
French Toast
Hawaiian Surprise 

Jamaican Me Nuts 
Just Plain Crazy 
Kahlua and Cream 
Nutty Italian 
Mint Chocolate Chip 
Pumpkin Spice 
Rainforest Crunch 
Salted Caramel 
Sinful Delight  
Tipsy Turtle 
Toasted Coconut  
Vanilla Hazelnut 
House Blend 
Breakfast Blend